Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Buttoned down shirt

Buttoned down shirt [T0108]- Available only in Black
Limited Piece only
Free Size (Stretchable)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stylish yet Elegant Dress

Our favvvvv of the month!

Stylish-Yet-Elegant Dress [D0102]- Available in Black and Purple

Stretchable; fits size 6-10 (good material)

Price: RM69

The best part about this dress is, the necklace is detachable.. so u'll be able to mix and match the necklace with your other tops..


Good news ahead!!!!

Miss our CrocoSkin Buckled Stretchable Belt?
Due to popular demand, it's now back!!!
CrocoSkin (PVC) Buckled Stretchable Belt [B0102]- Available only in DarkBrown
Price RM29
It's free size yo!
Limited piece only so hurry!! :)

Poshy posh evening bags

Poshy Posh evening bags [B0101]- Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze
Price: RM39
It's mini, so no fuss with carrying around for parties! Yay~!
We've posted a picture with us clutching the bag! Check out the post below! :)

Elegant Ribboned tube top

Have been looking for something elegant to wear for wedding dinner.. parties.. or even prom night? Well, we've got something lovely for you..

We absolutely love the front and back view!

Let's see em again, this time with the detachable strings (provided as well!!!)

Yupz. Lovely :)

Elegant Ribboned Tube Top [T0107]- Available only in Black

Size S

Price: RM45

Ohh and add on with an absolutely lovely evening bag..

Love the bag? Wait for our next post! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wow Wee We were SPOTTED!!

Spotted you say?
by Shopaholic's Den!




We've uploaded more photos for Weekend Satin Dress and Vneck Baby Doll top as requested.
Do check em out!

We'll be back with more clothes soon!

Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Form Fitting Turtle Neck Blouse

Form Fitting Turtle Neck Blouse [T0106]- Turquoise (Update:Sold!)/ DarkBrown/Purple (SOLD!)/Black
Material: Polyester Mix
Free Size

Love the belt? It's yours at only RM29!

CrocoSkin (PVC) Buckled Stretchable Belt [B0102]- DarkBrown/Black

Free Size (Check out the post below!! :))

Fashion Belt

CrocoSkin (PVC) Buckled Stretchable Belt [B0102]- DarkBrown/Black
Free Size (don't worry, like we said, it's stretchable! :))
Price: RM29 (SOLD OUT!!!)

Chrome Buckle [B0103]- Gold Band/ Silver Band
Free Size (stretchable)
Price: RM29

Combed Cotton WideNeck Blouse

Check out our famous brand Replicas!

Combed Cotton WideNeck Blouse [T0105]- Fuchsia (SOLD!)/DarkBrown/Purple (SOLD!)/Green
Free Size
Price: RM32